Resources for Improving Tactical Skill Part 2

After publishing an article on resources for improving tactical skill, I received numerous requests to write up a sequel.

This time the target audience consists of those who completed all the tactical training recommended in the first article and/or those above 1400 USCF/FIDE strength-wise.

Homework Plan for 1400 – 1800 USCF/FIDE Chess Players for Improving Tactics:

* Spend 30 minutes DAILY doing problems from’s Tactics Trainer:


Watch the following chess videos:—part-1—part-2—part-3—part-42—part-5—part-6—part-7—part-8—part-9—part-1—part-2—part-3—part-4—part-5—part-1—part-2


Do these chess mentor courses:


Premature Attacks on the King:

The Power of the Capture-Check:

Step Up in Tactics:

Chess Traps and Miniatures Part 1:

Intermediate Tactics:

Silman Teaches Tactics 1:

Amazing Combos of Mikhail Tal 1:

Combinations of Mikhail Tal:

Combinations of Alexander Alekhine:

Finding Tricky Tactics:

Advanced Tactics:


Doing all of this work will definitely help improve your tactical skill and awareness.

Though again, the chess mentor courses and videos are only accessible by diamond members. I believe has a free one week or two week trial you could take advantage of.


I’d also like to let all of my potential future students know that I only have time for two more chess students for one-on-one lessons. My hourly rate is $30 but the first hour is discounted to $25.

That’s all for today everybody. I will compile resources for advanced players in the near future so stay tuned!

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