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Chess Book Review: How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition by Jeremy Silman

Chess Book Review: How to Reassess Your Chess – Chess Mastery Through Chess Imbalances

I often receive emails asking for chess book recommendations. I have decided to review books I have found useful over the last few years in order to help chess players.

Last time I reviewed Silman’s Amateur’s Mind. I will continue my book-reviewing spree by reviewing another book by Silman.

This time I will review one of my most favorite chess books, How to Reassess Your Chess – 4th Edition.

The Chapters:

1. The Concept of Imbalances

2. Minor Pieces

3. Rooks

4. Psychological Meanderings

5. Target Consciousness

6. Statics vs. Dynamics

7. Space

8. Passed Pawns

9. Other Imbalances

10. Answers to Tests

Who should read this book?

How to Reassess Your Chess is a wonderful book that is aimed at club players. It is vital to be a decent chess player before going through this book as the target audience is relatively advanced. If you are proficient tactically and know more than just the basics about all the phases of the game, reading How to Reassess Your Chess is a great idea.

This book is great for players rated between 1400 and 1900 USCF/FIDE.  Those who have read Amateur’s Mind will love Reassess as the concepts covered in both books are similar, but How to Reassess Your Chess takes it to the next level of difficulty.

This book thoroughly covers chess imbalances and provides more than enough test problems to practice and learn the material.

Especially useful is the chapter on minor pieces as the tango between knights and bishops often dominates middlegame strategy.

All in all, this book is wonderful for intermediate/tournament players who want to improve their strategic/positional understanding by mastering chess imbalances. Of all the chess books I have read, How to Reassess Your Chess has helped me the most.

How to Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition retails for $29.95. This item is on sale for only $24.66 at my Amazon.com bookstore.

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